The purpose of this website is to establish a relationship between new Authors to consolidate their projects as writers, to consolidate their creation and share it with the World.
On this website, you'll find the necessary instructions, step by step to achieve your final goal which is the publishing of your books using your simple resources and our help.
You might think that this is a tough process but is very simple as today's technology allows us to use numerous features to make our dreams come true.
The Internet makes it possible to create our dedicated domain that will represent our public image as it concentrates the result of our work, by expressing our ideas and thoughts as Authors, finally translating our personalities as creators.

Be free to consult our website and contact us.

We represent a non-profit joint-venture with Mary Anne Finnemore (Author/English Tutor), Hank Beukema (Author, Poet, Spoken Word), and Carlos Miguel Pacheco (Author/Webmaster)!